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Pharyngitis – steroids

A quick point from Pulse 19.7.10 – A meta-analysis of steroid use in pharyngitis shows that it can reduce pain severity and duration.  There are technical flaws that may mean this effect is overestimated, so we shouldn’t yet make this … Continue reading

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BJGP 2010: 60(577) (August)

Just a couple of points from this one. The more important from a practical viewpoint is an insight into the beliefs/behaviour of parents and teachers of children with asthma; it is, apparently, common for them to believe (incorrectly) that exercise … Continue reading

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Prescriber 2010:21(15/16) (August)

A new treatment for migraine sufferers – 10% menthol crystals in ethanol, 1 ml applied to a 5 x 5 cm area of the forehead/temporal area on the more painful side, repeated after 30 minutes, has been found to work … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 353 – 408 (21st August)

The useful points this week were, as it happened, all on the topic of minor head injuries. When I was working in A&E, I used to struggle with the decision of which head injury patients should be scanned and which … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010;341:309 – 352 (14th August)

One for me as a parent, rather than a GP – apparently a review in JAMA (2010; 304: 565 – 6) found that several interventions have been successful in improving parent-child relationships and preventing antisocial or aggressive behaviour, drug use, … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010; 341: 259 – 308 (7th August)

First off, calcium supplements (article on page 289, editorial pp 260 – 261). You remember how we’ve all been advised to start everyone on calcium supplements when we start them on bisphosphonates? Because all the studies on bisphosphonates were actually … Continue reading

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Why I started this blog

I’m a GP in the UK, which means I need to put a fair bit of work into staying up to date with medical knowledge, which means I read a lot of journals and write notes (or plan to write … Continue reading

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