Why I started this blog

I’m a GP in the UK, which means I need to put a fair bit of work into staying up to date with medical knowledge, which means I read a lot of journals and write notes (or plan to write notes, anyway), on any interesting points I find therein. After a couple of years of using a word processor to do this, I’ve decided to try putting the notes on a blog, partly for convenience of access and filing and partly because I’m egotistical enough to like the idea that somebody else might occasionally read what I write. This does, of course, mean I’ll actually have to keep vaguely up to date with my note-writing instead of just having really good intentions, which is a daunting thought and may well mean the rest of this blog is destined just to be one large embarrassingly empty space.

If I do actually get round to writing any posts, do note that they are in no way intended to be a comprehensive summary of whichever articles I happen to be writing about. I only write about the points that I think I need to learn, which means that any facts that I already know or that I don’t care about knowing because I won’t personally need them are not going to make it into my note-taking no matter how useful, important, or interesting they might be to anybody else. I’ll do my best to keep all information accurate – if anyone spots any glaring errors, do feel free to shout. Coherence and general sanity are optional extras.

As for anything else about me or my life, I blog about that over at Good Enough Mum. Do drop by – I love visitors.


About Dr Sarah

I'm a GP with a husband and two young children.
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