BMJ 2010;341:309 – 352 (14th August)

One for me as a parent, rather than a GP – apparently a review in JAMA (2010; 304: 565 – 6) found that several interventions have been successful in improving parent-child relationships and preventing antisocial or aggressive behaviour, drug use, or school delinquency. The key, it seems, is providing parent and child with ‘skills that lead to better emotional health’. Probably most or all of the methods tried would be ones I’ve read about in How To Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So Kids Will Talk, Parenting Without Power Struggles, and the like, but that’d still be an interesting article to read and track down the references from.

And a useful little article about meibomian cysts/chalazia, which are focuses of granulomatous inflammation within the eyelid arising from retained meibomian secretions (just so I know what to tell patients when they ask). I’m never quite sure what to do about these, as referring them for surgery sounds unnecessarily drastic, so it’s good to know that a) they can resolve spontaneously and b) they can be managed conservatively with heat and massage. (Hand-hot flannel for ten minutes, then massage with fingertip for ten minutes. Can take several weeks to work.) It’s also useful to know that blepharitis can predispose to chalazion formation, that severe blepharitis can be treated with a three-month course of a tetracycline (same sort of thing as you’d use for rosacea), and that large chalazia in children can predispose to squint and should therefore hit a lower threshold for referral.


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