BJGP 2010: 60(577) (August)

Just a couple of points from this one. The more important from a practical viewpoint is an insight into the beliefs/behaviour of parents and teachers of children with asthma; it is, apparently, common for them to believe (incorrectly) that exercise may carry a risk of triggering an attack and thus to restrict the child’s exercise unnecessarily. Maybe I should make a point of specifically telling the parents of children with newly-diagnosed asthma that exercise is absolutely fine and indeed beneficial overall.

And it’s often said that pet ownership is good for the health, but here’s a concrete reason why: it’s hard to keep up any sort of regular exercise programme over time, but dog-walking is something we’re likely to stick with doing. Dog-owners got more exercise than non-dog-owners, simply because of all the walking.

About Dr Sarah

I'm a GP with a husband and two young children.
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