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BMJ 2010: 341: 613 – 78 (25th September)

Secondary hyperhidrosis is the topic du semaine this time.  When patients tell me they’re having heavy sweats I sigh that inward sigh that comes from having no real idea what I’m doing, happily attribute it to menopause if age and … Continue reading

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Prescriber 2010: 21(17) (5th September)

If sumatriptan 100 mg hasn’t done the trick for your patient’s migraines, which triptan should you try next?  Well… If the problem was that it didn’t work, you can try rizatriptan 10 mg (Maxalt) or eletriptan 80 mg (Relpax), both … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 513 – 62 (11th September)

An important point from the first editorial – Stop dishing out medication on the basis of surrogate endpoints hyped up by pharmaceutical companies.  Or, at any rate, think twice and three times about it.  Surrogate endpoints, no matter how promising-looking, are … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 465 – 512 (4th September)

After all the urging of doctors to be less afraid of opiates and more ready to use them for pain control, it seems the pendulum may be swinging back the other way.  It is now thought that opioid use for … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 409 – 64 (28th August)

The review article this week is on evaluating children with acute limps.  As far as history-taking goes, I already know to ask about fever/systemic illness, duration, pain, and history of injury (though it’s important not to put too much weight … Continue reading

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