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Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, October 2010

The main article is a review of use of hormonal contraception in women taking enzyme-inducing anti-epileptic drugs (abbreviated to EIEAD, which meant I kept getting ‘Old Macdonald’ running through my head as I was reading it). For reference, a list … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 841 – 96 (23rd October)

Anyone know what the hell Brucellosis is? No, me neither – at least not until this week’s article on the subject enlightened me. It is, in case you were wondering, a bacterial zoonosis (anyone know what the hell a zoonosis … Continue reading

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BJGP October 2010

I’m careful to use the Wells rule with patients with suspected DVT for fear of missing one, but it seems that fear may have been the wrong way round – GP estimates, in the absence of a guideline, can also … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 787 – 840 (16th October)

If I ever get round to doing those patient satisfaction surveys I’m meant to be doing for my appraisal, then it seems I should be focusing on the proportion of patients who were less than totally satisfied, rather than the … Continue reading

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Prescriber 21(19): 5th October 2010

Long and very useful article on vestibular causes of dizziness. For starters, a useful breakdown into acute, recurrent acute, and chronic: Acute Vestibular neuritis aka vestibular neuronitis aka viral labyrinthitis (although turns out that last is inaccurate – labyrinthitis causes … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 739 – 86 (9th October)

The topics: pelvic pain and hallux valgus. I was unsurprised by the statistic that up to 55% of women with chronic pelvic pain remain undiagnosed following investigation, and by the advice that it is important to clarify to women undergoing … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 679 – 738 (2nd October)

Stop recommending glucosamine for patients with OA.  A meta-analysis of the effects of glucosamine, chondroitin, or both on hip or knee OA found no clinically relevant effect either on pain or on narrowing of the joint space.  At least some … Continue reading

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