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Prescriber 2010: 21(23/24) (December)

Finally, something to offer in cases of acute infective diarrhoea other than telling patients to wait it out – probiotics.  Although they don’t do anything dramatic, they do reduce duration of acute gastroenteritis by about a day on average, as … Continue reading

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Synovium 31, Autumn 2010

I usually tell my patients with hip or knee osteoarthritis to stay active, using the logic that a) staying active is A Good Thing generally and b) it will help them avoid the vicious circle of putting on more weight … Continue reading

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Hands On 7, Autumn 2010

This season’s topic is fibromyalgia. I was pleased to see this as goodness knows I could use some ideas on what to do for fibromyalgia patients other than refer them to rheumatology, but about the only possibly useful idea I … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 1227 – 78 (11th December)

The Daily Mail seem to have got it right, for once – a recent study has indeed shown daily aspirin appears to reduce the risks of dying from a range of common cancers, with a 10% reduction in overall mortality.  … Continue reading

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Prescriber 2010: 21(22) (19th November)

We’ve long been told to advise asthmatic patients with mild exacerbations to double the dose of their inhaled steroids, but this is, it seems, incorrect. It has been found not to be helpful in adults (even at doses of 1000 … Continue reading

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BJGP December 2010: 60(581)

I always thought the Mediterranean diet was just another name for the DASH diet, but how wrong I was. It is, in fact, the new and improved DASH diet, now with added garlic and omega-3-containing fish, and with less sodium. … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 314: 1171 – 1226 (4th December)

Not much for me in the research studies this week. About the only possibly useful point was that the people who think measuring BMI in children isn’t helpful may be wrong, at least in 9 – 12-year-olds, in whom it … Continue reading

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