Synovium 31, Autumn 2010

I usually tell my patients with hip or knee osteoarthritis to stay active, using the logic that a) staying active is A Good Thing generally and b) it will help them avoid the vicious circle of putting on more weight -> getting more severe osteoarthritis -> becoming less active -> putting on more weight. But there’s always been the lingering doubt – is activity going to make their joints worse and should I be modifying the advice I give them? Thanks to a study in Arthritis Care Research, I can now breathe easy on that one – general physical activity, as well as adherence to a home exercise programme, was beneficial for patients with hip or knee osteoarthritis. They experienced less pain and felt themselves to function better physically. I can go on recommending activity with a clear conscience.

Don’t just sit there, do something! Prolonged sitting may be hazardous to the spine, due to the increased pressure on intervertebral discs and other factors that this summary did not go into.


About Dr Sarah

I'm a GP with a husband and two young children.
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