One minor change…

It’s a new year, so I’m going to try a change I’ve been considering.  Up until now, I’ve been posting strictly by journal issue and using the ‘search’ facility to find all posts that contain an item I want to read about.  However, one journal issue might easily have enough material for long sections on two or three different subjects, and finding the individual subject within a post can be a bit of a pain, especially when I’m trying to scroll down fast enough to read it surreptitiously without the patient noticing what I’m up to.

So, in cases when I just have a few isolated points to make on a subject, I’ll continue to make them by journal.  However, when an article provides me with enough material for a longish section, I’ll give that one its own post.  That’ll also mean that, if I read more information on that topic in future, I can easily add it in at that time.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled… oh, whatever.


About Dr Sarah

I'm a GP with a husband and two young children.
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