Prescriber 2011: 22(1/2) (January)

A couple of new drug names: Prucalopride is a new treatment licenced for the treatment of chronic constipation in women unrelieved by at least two laxatives from different classes at highest tolerated recommended doses for at least six months.  Why it’s only licenced in women I have no idea.  Axorid is a modified release ketoprofen/omeprazole combination that does not, as far as I can see, have any advantages other than the practical over the rather cheaper option of giving Diclofenac and a PPI separately.

A study in Arthritis and Rheumatology compared high-dose and low-dose colchicine regimes and concluded that the low dose regime (1.8 mg over one hour) worked about as well as the high dose (4.8 mg over six hours), with considerably less diarrhoea.  However, since our colchicine tablets come as 500 mg and not as 600 mg, I’m still left wondering just what dose we should be giving.

And the main article is summarised separately.



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