Prescriber 2011: 22(8) (19th April)

Some useful figures related to URTIs.  Length of treatment of AOM should generally be five days; give AOM three days of not responding to antibiotic therapy before changing the antibiotic; and 80% of cases of sinusitis will improve spontaneously within two weeks.

And another for the list of QOF-vs.-the-evidence dilemmas: It seems that cholesterol levels below 5.5, in the over-80s, are associated with increased mortality risk.  Evidence as to whether or not statins reduce mortality in this age group is extrapolated from studies of the 70 – 82 age group, so is not altogether accurate, but does not give a clear picture; evidence is conflicting on whether or not they reduce mortality.  (Petersen LK et al.  Lipid-lowering treatment to the end? A review of observational studies and RCTs on cholesterol and mortality in 80+-year-olds.  Age Ageing 2010; 39(6): 674 – 80.)


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