BMJ 2011: 342: 1217 – 1268 (4th June)

Two interesting snippets of information this week.  Firstly (page 1261), you can get away with using aminoglycoside drops for one or two weeks in a patient with a tympanic perforation as long as it’s a one-off – however, the drops will remain in the inner ear fluid for up to 6 months, and, although the quantity from a single course is too low to be harmful, it’s necessary to be much more cautious about repeated courses – better to try quinolone drops in that case.  Secondly, one more piece of advice on sleep hygiene for my insomniac patients – consider avoiding computer use in the hours before bedtime, as there’s some evidence it might reduce melatonin production.  While I have not the least intention of following this advice myself, since it would mean I’d barely get a chance to do anything on the computer which would of course be a major life catastrophe, it’s worth knowing as it might help someone else.


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