Prescriber 2011:22(12) (19th June)

Just a few useful snippets this time:

One possible treatment for nocturia due to storage symptoms, in LUTS in men, is Furosemide 40 mg at 4 pm.  Gets the fluid out before bedtime.

I don’t think I’ve ever in my life used pentoxifylline anyway, but it has now been pronounced officially not worth the money by NICE, as the benefits it produces (11% improvement in walking distance) are not clinically significant.  Ditto for cilastozol.  Naftidrofuryl, on the other hand, is actually thought to be of some possible practical use.

And, if we’re out of other feasible options for treating a UTI in a first-trimester pregnant woman, trimethoprim is not altogether off the cards.  A specialist voices his (sensible, I thought) opinion that a well-nourished woman on folic acid supplements is highly unlikely to suffer clinically significant deficiency from a short course of trimethoprim, although it’s still worth trying to avoid it if other options are available, just in case.


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