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BJGP September 2011

Confusingly, mildly red eyes are more likely to need antibiotics than moderately or severely red ones in conjunctivitis.  A more useful finding of the same study was that purulent discharge was associated with a need for antibiotics. And there’s hope … Continue reading

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BMJ 2011: 343: 543 – 594 (17th September)

Staph aureus has, it seems, got nastier.  Some strains are now positive for something called PVL, which causes recurrent skin infections and which, for some reason which still mystifies microbiologists, causes the staph to be immune to flucloxacillin despite appearing … Continue reading

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Falls in the elderly

For a quick fall risk assessment, use the ‘timed up and go’ test.  Time the person in rising from a chair, walking 3m at their normal speed (with assistive device if they normally use one), turning, walking back, and sitting … Continue reading

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