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Neonatal conjunctivitis

Usually harmless.  However, purulent discharge or stuck-together lids require urgent referral to exclude ophthalmia neonatorum (gonococcal or chlamydial conjunctivitis). (Pulse 19.10.11)

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Post-herpetic neuralgia

It seems I might be able to prevent a lot of cases by getting more proactive.  In one RCT in the over-60s, starting amitriptyline 25 mg/day within a week of shingles onset and continuing it for three months reduced the … Continue reading

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Bariatric surgery – complications to be aware of

Abdominal pain/vomiting in post-op period: Can indicate internal herniation – admit urgently. Acute-onset dysphagia: Can indicate acute band slippage (sometimes severe enough to cause gastric ischaemia) and requires urgent referral for band deflation. Reflux symptoms: Can indicate chronic band slippage … Continue reading

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BMJ 2011:343:1119 – 1176 (3rd December)

A meta-analysis has confirmed that intensive glycaemic control does not reduce the risk of mortality in Type 2 diabetes, and doesn’t seem to reduce the risk of microvascular or macrovascular disease.  It does, however, increase the risk of severe hypoglycaemia … Continue reading

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