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Anterior uveitis vs. conjunctivitis

Features of conjunctivitis: Purulent discharge (as opposed to just excessive watering, which may be present in uveitis) May be other contacts affected Enlarged preauricular lymph nodes. Features of acute anterior uveitis: Pain worse on accommodation (eg reading) Opaque spots on … Continue reading

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BMJ 2012: 344: 1 – 50

Patient with atypical chest pain?  Is it abrupt-onset and ripping, tearing, or stabbing in nature?  Then: check pulse and BP in both arms be alert for signs of shock look for focal neurological symptoms/signs look for limb ischaemia when listening … Continue reading

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Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care 2012: 38(1)

I knew Dianette wasn’t supposed to be prescribed too readily or for too long, but I hadn’t realised that this is actually a feature of the licence and not just a good practice point.  Dianette is only licenced for two … Continue reading

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I’ve been hitting the backlog of old journals over the holiday season (sad, I know), and I seem to have come up with an assortment of points that I want to remember but that don’t seem to be enough for … Continue reading

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Prescriber 2011 December, Vol 22(23/24)

Low-sodium diets reduce blood pressure in hypertensives by around 5 – 6 mmHg (around 10 in Asians).  However, they increase cholesterol by around 2.5%, and long-term health effects are unknown. Interesting editorial about the recent BMJ meta-analysis of intensive vs. … Continue reading

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