I’ve been hitting the backlog of old journals over the holiday season (sad, I know), and I seem to have come up with an assortment of points that I want to remember but that don’t seem to be enough for a post in themselves.  So here they are:

In the elderly, antidepressants can take even longer to work.  Give it 10 weeks.

Rosehip supplements may be of benefit in osteoarthritis, although there was a potential COI for one of the people who did the meta-analysis, which makes it a touch dubious.

Remember eye care in Bell’s palsy.  Drops at least qds, ointment at night, and tape the eyelid (rather than patching it) at night.  Patches can slip and be the cause of the corneal abrasions they’re meant to prevent.

When supplementing with iron for iron-deficiency anaemia, supplementation should be continued for three months after haemoglobin normalises, to replenish stores.  (I think I’d just monitor the ferritin, myself.)

B12 supplements in deficiency produce marked and rapid improvement in symptoms, so, if that isn’t happening, something other than B12 deficiency is probably going on.

B12 supplementation in severe deficiency may trigger hypokalaemia.  Monitor U&Es during supplementation.


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I'm a GP with a husband and two young children.
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