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Sudden severe headaches which subside

Helpful memo from a consultant on SAH: Don’t be fooled by the pain improving rapidly. This can happen with an SAH. If the patient describes a ‘worst ever’ headache coming on suddenly & becoming maximal over a few minutes, admit … Continue reading

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BJGP June 2012

Interesting cited study, here, where researchers used the Good Palliative-Geriatric Practice Algorithm to reduce the numbers of drugs a group of elderly people were on, thus significantly improving their well-being as a result. Page 2 of the study has the … Continue reading

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Temporal arteritis

Bear in mind that approximately a quarter of patients present without headache. Just to make life even more complicated, they seem to be more likely to develop visual loss. Non-headache presenting symptoms include: Jaw claudication Visual loss (yup, it can … Continue reading

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BMJ 2012: 344: 7862 (23rd June)

A couple of sundries. First, we now seem to be quite clear on the pioglitazone-bladder cancer link. From a meta-analysis, the NNH seems to come out as 125, if I’ve worked that out correctly from the figures given. On top … Continue reading

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DPP-4 inhibitors

I’ve previously written about incretins and the role of incretin mimetics in diabetes treatment. The other part of that, of course, is that you can inhibit the breakdown of the body’s natural incretins to prolong their effect. This is what … Continue reading

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BMJ 2012: 7860 (9th June)

Sundries not noted elsewhere: Something constructive to do for chronic dizziness! This was a trial of giving out a booklet of vestibular rehabilitation exercises, with or without telephone support, to adults with chronic dizziness worse on head movement and not … Continue reading

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Lymphadenopathy in childhood

Neck swellings >3 cm require acute referral even in an otherwise well child. Systemic illness, suspected malignancy, or suspected abscess are obviously grounds for urgent referral. For harmless-looking cervical lymphadenopathy, the advice should be to return if still present in … Continue reading

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