BMJ 2012: 344: 7862 (23rd June)

A couple of sundries. First, we now seem to be quite clear on the pioglitazone-bladder cancer link. From a meta-analysis, the NNH seems to come out as 125, if I’ve worked that out correctly from the figures given. On top of that, both glitazones have been linked to an increased risk of diabetic macular oedema (study from Arch Intern Med).

Lyme disease – remember that erythema migrans in the early stages can be homogenous and look like cellulitis or allergy. Also, multiple lesions can appear following haematogenous spread (I didn’t know that). Transmission is unlikely if ticks are attached for <24 hours and unengorged. The figures this article gave on erythema migrans are that it appears in 90% of cases and can show up between 2 and 40 days afterwards (slightly different from the figures I had previously, so I assume from different studies).

And finally, a usefully-phrased figure on smoking-related illness, also from the Archives of Internal Medicine – about half of all smokers (at whatever age) will die of smoking-related illnesses. So, point out to continued smokers that they are ‘gambling their lives on the toss of a coin’.


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