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2 week wait guidelines

NICE guidelines on what to refer under 2ww are here. Phew. Finally I can stop messing around trying to find them on their stupid website each time.

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Vestibular neuritis

Apparently what we generally diagnose as ‘viral labyrinthitis’ is actually far more likely to be BPPV or vestibular migraine. Very occasionally it might be vestibular neuritis, which is what we actually mean when we say ‘labyrinthitis’ (literal labyrinthitis is almost … Continue reading

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Irritable bowel syndrome

I can never remember the Rome criteria, so it came as something of a relief to know that they haven’t actually been validated for accuracy of diagnosis (what’s more, they’ve been updated anyway and now differ slightly from the ones … Continue reading

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Renal calculi

Danger signs: Associated UTI. To complicate the diagnosis here, stones at the VUJ (almost two-thirds of all stones) can cause symptoms of urinary urgency (this is known as strangury, by the way). Always check temperature – >37.5 is an indication … Continue reading

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Normal pressure hydrocephalus

Presents with a triad of gait disorder, urinary urge incontinence, and increasing memory loss progressing to dementia. Gradual onset and worsening of symptoms. The gait disorder typically starts with subtle general imbalance/unsteadiness and progresses to wide-based short slow shuffling movements, … Continue reading

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