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Anterior knee pain

Alternative names: patellofemoral pain syndrome, cinema knee, theatre-goer’s knee. (Why the last two, I have no idea; it’s linked with athletics.) What it is: A broad term for anterior knee pain with no specific identified cause, usually due to a … Continue reading

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Snippets from paediatric orthopaedics

Flat feet The main thing is to check whether they’re stiff or flexible. Flexible flat feet are a normal variant and orthoses won’t make any difference. If the foot is stiff and painful, orthotics might help though a comfortable soft … Continue reading

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Random prescribing points

Statins: Fluvastatin, simvastatin and atorvastatin are predominantly lipid-soluble, whereas pravastatin and rosuvastatin are predominantly water-soluble. Therefore, if a patient gets SEs on a lipid-soluble statin, it’s worth trying water-soluble.   Remember that the cut-offs for stopping are liver enzymes >3x … Continue reading

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Investigation of raised ALP

Physiological causes Normal variation – statistically, 2.5% of the population will have levels above the ULN. Analytical variation – combined analytical & biochemical variation is approx 8%. Levels increase by approx 6% if sample stored for 96 hrs at room … Continue reading

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