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About this blog: information for everyone else

Hi there! I’m a GP and this blog consists of the notes I take on journal articles, as part of my continuing professional development. It is intended purely for my own use in recording and remembering the things I learn … Continue reading

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Bell’s Palsy

Comes on over a period of 12 – 36 hours. Prodromes can happen – facial numbness, altered taste, or pain around the ear. Initially progressive, but progression should have halted by 3/52 and if it continues to progress after that … Continue reading

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Acute leg ischaemia – don’t miss

This BMJ article reminded us of the importance of considering acute ischaemia as a differential diagnosis when a patient presents with acute-onset leg pain plus or minus sensory loss. It’s easy to convince yourself you can feel a weak pulse … Continue reading

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Prescribing tips

I was taught that prednisolone courses for COPD exacerbations should be two weeks plus a wean-off, but have noticed that most people seem to use five days. The controversy is now resolved – the REDUCE trial, an RCT in Switzerland, … Continue reading

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