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Hypertriglyceridaemia is probably an independent risk factor for cardiac disease, but so far it hasn’t been possible to establish this for certain. (Interestingly, any relationship may be in a U-shaped curve, though it’s not at all clear where the peak … Continue reading

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Flashes and floaters

Flashes and floaters typically indicate posterior vitreous detachment; flashes are caused by the shrinking vitreous tugging on the retina, and floaters can be due to blood, inflammatory debris, or condensations (thickened strands) of the vitreous humour. Risk factors for posterior … Continue reading

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Neck lumps

I typically request plasma viscosity as part of investigating suspicious neck lumps, but it seems this actually isn’t useful. For persistent posterior node enlargement, an FBC and IM screen can be worthwhile, and obviously any lump in the thyroid should … Continue reading

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Current recommended treatment is Permethrin 5% cream. A 30g tube is enough for an average-sized person – a larger-size person might need two tubes, or 200 ml liquid. (Pulse on-line learning module)

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