I don’t usually pay attention to stuff from drug companies, but have just had a letter alerting me to the existence of Propantheline, a licenced treatment for hyperhidrosis which, unlike most of the stuff drug companies write to me about, has actually been around for enough years to be cheap and well-known. (The reason they’re writing to people about it is because the BMJ recently had an article on hyperhidrosis that claimed there were no anticholinergics licenced for hyperhidrosis and so the company are saying yes, look, here’s one.) So I thought I’d add this reminder, since it’s not as though I’m inundated with successful things to try for hyperhidrosis.

Starting dose: 1 tablet before each meal and two at bedtime. Adjust according to tolerance/response.

Side effects: usual anticholinergic SEs/CIs.


About Dr Sarah

I'm a GP with a husband and two young children.
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