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MGUS, myeloma, and other paraprotein-related problems

Globulins: Proteins produced by plasma cells in the bone marrow. Serum globulin level is the difference between total protein level and albumin level. Polyclonal increase in plasma cells: increase in globulin (which may show up as increased total protein with … Continue reading

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Chronic pain

Remember that most people who try a painkiller will get little benefit from it, but a few will improve quite a bit. When a drug works it’s typically helpful within 2 – 4 wks, so painkillers should be reassessed then … Continue reading

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Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy, Sudek’s atrophy, shoulder-hand syndrome or fracture disease. It consists of disproportionate, debilitating pain in a limb (usually but not always following trauma), associated with neuropathic changes. It usually … Continue reading

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Femoral hernias: below/lateral to pubic tubercle. Inguinal: above/medial. Femoral hernias should always be referred due to risk of strangulation. With inguinal, it depends. Incarceration (temporary or permanent) increases the risk a hernia will strangulate but does not necessarily mean it … Continue reading

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