Anticholinergic Burden Scale

BMJ’s Minerva, source of useful little tidbits, has another one; a mention of a recent article in Age and Aging analysing the association between anticholinergic burden of drugs and mortality/CV disease, in the >40s. The article found an association on both counts, but what interested me most was the concept of ‘anticholinergic burden’, which is something I hadn’t realised anyone had calculated in measurable terms.

So, I did a bit of Googling and found that the scale is downloadable at the Aging Brain Care site. You have to register, so I shall anticipate a certain amount of spam e-mail in the future, but once you’ve registered you can download for free a list of drugs with their estimated anticholinergic burden as well as a list of drugs with unproved but suspected anticholinergic burden. The latter also has some useful tips on alternatives. I’ve printed off copies and will carry them with me on my care home visits.


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