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Fit for Work scheme

Fit for Work is a new scheme aimed at getting people with health problems back into work, or keeping them in work. We had a flyer about it which I found buried in my inbox, so it seemed worth writing … Continue reading

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New evidence on hypertension targets in elderly

The ‘research update’ section in the BMJ alerted me to an interesting study in JAMA – the SPRINT study, comparing different hypertension targets in relatively healthy elderly people. Here’s the information I have from the abstract plus editorial: Population studied … Continue reading

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Vaginal discharge

In women of reproductive age, the commonest causes of vaginal discharge can be categorised thus: Infective: non-sexually transmitted Bacterial vaginosis Candida Infective: sexually transmitted Chlamydia trachomatis Gonorrhoea Trichomonas Herpes simplex (occasional, when the herpes has caused cervicitis) Non-infective Foreign bodies … Continue reading

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Problematic bleeding in women on hormonal contraception

Things to look for include: Pregnancy STIs Cervical cancer Possibly polyps/fibroids/ovarian cysts – debatable whether these could cause irregular bleeding. History Duration of use of the hormonal method – irregular bleeding normal initially Compliance with the method if not LARC … Continue reading

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Who can have it? Several of the contraindications to combined oral contraception are not contraindications to HRT; in particular, being a smoker over 35 is not considered a contraindication at all, even to oral HRT. I suppose that one was … Continue reading

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Occupational asthma

Occupational asthma is caused by an immune reaction to specific agents that are inhaled in the workplace. There are around 400 causative agents, although a small number of these cause most cases. It is different from work-aggravated asthma. Frequently affected … Continue reading

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Image and performance enhancing drugs (IPEDs)

IPEDs include: Anabolic steroids Growth hormone Tanning peptides – melanotan I and II, bremelanotide Cosmetic injectables – botulinum toxin, dermal fillers Oil injectable synthol (enlarges the appearance of muscle) Often injected, and hence come with usual risks of injectable drugs … Continue reading

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Alcohol abuse

New recommendations for weekly alcohol limits (as of January) are for a 14-unit limit for women and men. This should be spread over at least three days, but not the entire seven (i.e. leave some days free from alcohol). Beer … Continue reading

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