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Restless legs syndrome

The latest BMJ has an article on restless legs syndrome. Diagnostic criteria 5 criteria need to be fulfilled for diagnosis (I’ve slightly rephrased these for myself, but the meaning should be the same): Urge to move the legs. Usually accompanied … Continue reading

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This is a summary of NICE guidance as per BMJ article. The spondyloarthritides are a group of inflammatory conditions with some extra-articulate manifestations. They may be peripheral or axial and are often missed. Axial spondyloarthritis Note that this affects similar … Continue reading

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Discussing TEP/ceiling of care plans

An article on how to discuss ceiling of care (including resuscitation); this is something I do with every new patient at the care home I cover (or with their family, if the resident isn’t able to have that discussion) so … Continue reading

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Community acquired pneumonia in children

Signs of severity Temperature 38.5 or greater RR >70 in infants or >50 in older children Moderate to severe recession in infants Severe dyspnoea in children Nasal flaring Grunting Intermittent apnoea in infants Sats <95% (this was what the BMJ … Continue reading

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