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Steroids – not all that useful for sore throats

There’s been some evidence in the past that steroids might be of help for sore throats, so it was interesting to see a JAMA study on the subject mentioned on Richard Lehman’s blog page. Comparison of a single 10 mg … Continue reading

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Treatment of urinary tract infection in pregnancy

A couple of useful points from a BMJ article: Nitrofurantoin is now considered safe in all three trimesters, but not at term; it can increase the risk of haemolysis Trimethoprim is considered safe after the first trimester Amoxicillin and cefalexin … Continue reading

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Time of taking blood pressure tablets

I often have patients asking me if it matters when they take their tablets. Of course, sometimes it does; other times, I tell them that the best time to take them is when they’re most likely to remember. In the … Continue reading

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Bits and bobs

Useful bunch of motley learning points from the 15th April BMJ: A double-blind trial reported in NEJM has looked at the effects of treating borderline thyroid results (raised TSH with normal T4) in the elderly. It didn’t show any benefit … Continue reading

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Hip protectors

Several of the residents at the care home where I work have recently suffered falls, and one enthusiastic young staff member raised the issue of whether hip protectors would be helpful. Which was a very good question. I vaguely remember … Continue reading

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Screening for cancer after unprovoked DVT

This BMJ article seemed in fact to be arguing against a bit of a strawman, in that the NICE guideline it disputed did not in fact say quite what they claimed it said. However, it did end up highlighting a … Continue reading

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