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Chondrodermatis nodularis helicis

I just checked some photos and confirmed my suspicions that this is what one of my patients has, so am making some notes on the advice: Main thing is to avoid pressure on the ear during sleep. Cutting a hole … Continue reading

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Huntington’s disease

(BMJ module; information from Dr David Crawford, consultant in neuropsychiatric genetics at St Mary’s, Manchester. Module chosen as I have a patient with Huntington’s who is developing increasing problems.) Huntington’s causes a combination of progressive motor, cognitive, and psychiatric symptoms. … Continue reading

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Postponing menstruation, and amenorrhoea with contraception

Like most GPs, I’ve happily dished out prescriptions for norethisterone when a woman wanted to postpone her period, on a basis of hey, what harm can it do? More than I thought, it turns out; according to an article in … Continue reading

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