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Diagnosing childhood autism

This is just some rather quick notes I made on the video module ‘A practical guide to diagnosing autism in pre-school children’ on the BMJ Learning site. Triad of symptoms for autism diagnosis: Social communication Social interaction Social imagination Presentation … Continue reading

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Primary hyperaldosteronism

I know this as Conn’s syndrome, but that’s slightly misleading; Conn’s syndrome refers specifically to an adenoma causing the hyperaldosteronism, and in fact only accounts for less than 30% of cases of PHA. PHA is important to pick up, as … Continue reading

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Ménière’s disease

Frequently overdiagnosed. Presents with a combination of the following symptoms, lasting for <24 hours at a time: Ear fullness Fluctuating hearing loss Low-pitch tinnitus Vertigo episodes lasting at least 20 mins at a time (typically 2 – 3 hours). Note … Continue reading

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Acute rotator cuff tears

A possible complication of acute shoulder trauma. Unlike chronic tears, an acute tear needs fairly urgent repair but is easily missed. If a person cannot lift their arm past 90 deg following acute shoulder trauma, they need same-day X-ray and … Continue reading

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