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Ulipristal warning

There’s a new warning out about ulipristal acetate 5 mg tabs (Esmya); it has been found to cause serious liver injury in some cases. The advice from the MHRA is that no new courses should be started, even in patients … Continue reading

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Recovery after laparascopic surgery

Pain: Abdominal cramps and bloating, and shoulder tip pain, are common in the first 24 hours. Worsening pain after this period can be a sign of complications. Other symptoms of complications: Loss of appetite for food or fluids, reluctance to … Continue reading

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Prophylaxis of recurrent UTI in women

Background: No official definition, but generally defined by most people as two or more episodes in six months or three or more per year. The only recommended prophylactic treatment currently is low-dose prophylactic antibiotics, which, based on one systematic review/meta-analysis, … Continue reading

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Migraine in pregnancy

The good news is that pre-existing migraine often gets better in pregnancy, especially migraine without aura and premenstrual migraine. However, it’s important to know a) how to treat it when it occurs and b) how to avoid confusing more dangerous … Continue reading

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Peripheral arterial disease

Most patients are asymptomatic; however, note that this usually reflects more sedentary lifestyle rather than lesser severity, and asymptomatic patients with PAD are at just as much risk of complication. (Note that coexisting diabetic neuropathy also increases the chances of … Continue reading

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It’s official – e-cigarettes can be recommended as a smoking cessation aid. We still don’t know for sure how safe they are, but we do know that whatever risk they might carry is a heck of a lot less than … Continue reading

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