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Lyme disease: points from NICE guidance

Some useful points from a BMJ summary of the NICE guidance (note that I’m keeping this brief, as I’m trying not to duplicate points I already have): Incubation period May appear as much as 3 months after the initial tick … Continue reading

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Note that this may present indirectly; repeated failure to attend cervical screening, persistent dissatisfaction with contraception, describing disgust with her genitals, dissociating during examination. History Open questions, kept to a minimum; encourage description. ‘When do you get the pain?’ ‘Show … Continue reading

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LUTS aren’t an indication for prostate cancer screening

Another useful pointer from the 5th May BMJ; It is not clear whether LUTS in men are associated with prostate cancer, so, given the potential harms of screening, LUTS should not be used as an indication for checking PSA as … Continue reading

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Don’t use bath additives for children’s eczema

A simple and extremely useful study result; in children with eczema, don’t bother prescribing those additives that you put in the bath water. The BATHE study studied children from 1 to 11 with eczema (‘very mild’ eczema was excluded) who … Continue reading

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Overactive bladder in men

Examine for retention, prostatic hyperplasia/poor rectal tone, and neurological signs. Check urinalysis. Consider C&S, PSA, glucose, and urodynamics. Treatment: Behavioural changes: Scheduled/double voiding, avoidance of irritants, training of pelvic floor muscles, smoking cessation. Online patient resource from EAU. Downloadable list … Continue reading

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