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Talking to people about their diabetes

Judith Handley, a health policy geek with Type I diabetes, has written an article for the ‘What your patient is thinking’ section of the BMJ, on alternatives to asking people with diabetes whether they’re well-controlled (to which she always feels … Continue reading

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When not to use HbA1c for maintenance

We’re hopefully all familiar with the list of situations in which HbA1c might give a false reading when used to diagnose diabetes (short version; any situation in which the glucose might have undergone rapid recent change), but it’s also important … Continue reading

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STOPP (Screening Tool of Older People’s Prescriptions)

I’ve just been reading through this, having decided to check it out after reading a mention of it in the latest BMJ. (Deprescribing is a particular interest of mine; it has the satisfying feel of clearing out a bunch of … Continue reading

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Flozins and COPD inhalers

That’s two separate subjects, not one, whose link here is that they were both the topics of useful papers in this week’s BMJ. The first was on possible adverse effects of flozins (sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors). The paper was a very … Continue reading

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Child safeguarding

(Notes on reading Bluestream Academy module on safeguarding) Local Children’s Safeguarding Board (LCSB): key system for organisations to come together to liaise on ways of safeguarding children/promoting their health. Established by the Children’s Act 2004, which gives each locality the … Continue reading

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Monitoring testosterone gel

This is for a specific DEN; we might be taking over maintenance follow-up of a man who is established on testosterone gel but would prefer not to attend hospital OPAs. I checked the British Society for Sexual Medicine guidelines for … Continue reading

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