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Undescended testis

Examination technique Child supine and frog-legged, stripped from umbilicus to knees (can be on parent’s lap) Warm hands Kneel to right of child Place left hand lateral to deep inguinal ring and move it, pressing down, along the inguinal canal, … Continue reading

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Iliotibial band syndrome

History Occurs in people practicing various forms of athletics (most commonly running, but can be cycling, rowing, swimming, hiking, team games) Most commonly lateral knee pain, but can sometimes affect the hip or thigh. Can show up if training intensity … Continue reading

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Management of an acutely disturbed person in the community

This BMJ article dealt with the management of someone presenting in an acutely disturbed/psychotic state: Above all, try to de-escalate the situation, and call for help quickly using, if possible, a silent messaging system. Be calm and sympathetic. Use non-threatening … Continue reading

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Raised intracranial pressure

(This was from an article in an old BMJ; I read it while doing some catching up.) Symptoms Headache: usually worsens over weeks, but sometimes over hours or days. Note that two-thirds of sufferers will not have the classic ‘worse … Continue reading

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PEG tubes

The BMJ had an article on PEG tubes, which was useful as I have two patients with these in situ. Short version: refer problems to a specialist. Potential problems requiring referral Clogging, if not responding to flushing with 40 – … Continue reading

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