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Management of an acutely disturbed person in the community

This BMJ article dealt with the management of someone presenting in an acutely disturbed/psychotic state: Above all, try to de-escalate the situation, and call for help quickly using, if possible, a silent messaging system. Be calm and sympathetic. Use non-threatening … Continue reading

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Raised intracranial pressure

(This was from an article in an old BMJ; I read it while doing some catching up.) Symptoms Headache: usually worsens over weeks, but sometimes over hours or days. Note that two-thirds of sufferers will not have the classic ‘worse … Continue reading

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PEG tubes

The BMJ had an article on PEG tubes, which was useful as I have two patients with these in situ. Short version: refer problems to a specialist. Potential problems requiring referral Clogging, if not responding to flushing with 40 – … Continue reading

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