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Palliative care in end-stage chronic respiratory disease

(COPD, interstitial lung disease, CF, etc.) 1st-line: Small hand-held fan to blow air on face. (Not much evidence that it works in the palliative care setting, but has the benefit of being cheap and simple, so worth a try.) 2nd-line: … Continue reading

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Palliative care for CCF

Remember that the downward trajectory might be less obvious than it is in people with cancer, since the pattern is more one of flare-ups on a gradual background deterioration; death usually seems sudden when it happens, but the background deterioration … Continue reading

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Nail disorders

Acute paronychia: antibiotics usually enough (occasionally needs drainage). Most often due to S. aureus. Chronic paronychia: most important thing is to stop doing whatever’s exacerbating it, such as frequent washing up. Can also be treated with antifungals (either topical or … Continue reading

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7-point weighted checklist (7PCL) Major features: Change in size Irregular shape Irregular colour Minor features: >7mm Oozing Inflammation Change in sensation 2 points for a major feature, 1 for a minor feature; 3 or more -> 2ww referral (unless obviously … Continue reading

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