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Back pain – NICE guidelines

This is the BMJ Learning module I started when I was trying to look up red flags for back pain; as promised, I’ve now gone back to finish the module. Guidelines recommend using the STarTBack questionnaire for identifying risk of … Continue reading

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NNTs/ARRs for secondary prevention of cardiovascular events

The other day, I had one of those “Do I really need all these pills, Doctor?” questions that requires a grey-area conversation about risk reduction. Anyway, in medical terms the information needed is “What is the NNT for each of … Continue reading

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Avascular necrosis of the femoral head

Pathogenesis of AVNFH isn’t known, but it occurs when the microcirculation of the femoral head is disrupted, leading to necrosis and eventual subchondral collapse of the femoral head (with consequent secondary arthritis). Incidence is around 1 in 50 000. It … Continue reading

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Mouth ulcers

History and examination The three main points to inquire about when evaluating ulcers are site; number (single or multiple); and onset/behaviour (acute, persistent, or recurrent). Ulcers lasting >3/52 are of concern as they may be malignant; alternatively, they may be … Continue reading

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