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Anticoagulation in people with a falls risk

I’ve been very wary of anticoagulating elderly frail people at risk of falls – it feels very antithetical to ‘First, do no harm’ – but it seems I might have been being overcautious. I looked this up as part of … Continue reading

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Withdrawal of CANH in patients without capacity

The BMA guidance. General points: Where capacity is in doubt, the principles for establishing it are the usual ones, including the importance of doing everything possible to maximise capacity (looking at different ways of communicating and of allowing the person … Continue reading

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Intrauterine contraception (copper or progestagenic)

When to insert, and when precautions are needed Note the following general principles: IUC should not be inserted where there is a possibility of existing pregnancy (previous sex without a reliable method of contraception being used correctly for every episode … Continue reading

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