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LUTS aren’t an indication for prostate cancer screening

Another useful pointer from the 5th May BMJ; It is not clear whether LUTS in men are associated with prostate cancer, so, given the potential harms of screening, LUTS should not be used as an indication for checking PSA as … Continue reading

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Don’t use bath additives for children’s eczema

A simple and extremely useful study result; in children with eczema, don’t bother prescribing those additives that you put in the bath water. The BATHE study studied children from 1 to 11 with eczema (‘very mild’ eczema was excluded) who … Continue reading

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Overactive bladder in men

Examine for retention, prostatic hyperplasia/poor rectal tone, and neurological signs. Check urinalysis. Consider C&S, PSA, glucose, and urodynamics. Treatment: Behavioural changes: Scheduled/double voiding, avoidance of irritants, training of pelvic floor muscles, smoking cessation. Online patient resource from EAU. Downloadable list … Continue reading

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Does Vitamin D deficiency cause fatigue?

This question came up regarding a patient. The National Osteoporosis Guidelines on Vitamin D weren’t helpful, so I went onto PubMed. I found the following: This study found that vitamin D levels were negatively associated with fatigue in young Iranian … Continue reading

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Stable angina – NICE guidelines

New official guidelines for assessing possibly cardiac chest pain; check for the following three features of the pain. Constricting discomfort in the front of the chest, or in the neck, shoulders, jaw or arms Precipitated by physical exertion Relieved by … Continue reading

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Itchy rashes

(from BMJ Learning module) Lichen planus Cause unknown, but does have an association with Hep C virus, so consider checking. The rash, like acute leg ischaemia, is described by 6 Ps: Planar (flat-topped) Polygonal Purple Pruritic Papules Plaques I knew … Continue reading

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Degenerative cervical myelopathy

This is the new name for the conditon formerly known as cervical spondylotic myelopathy, and is spinal cord dysfunction from compression in the neck due to degenerative change (disc herniation, ligament hypertrophy/ossification, osteophyte formation). Presentation Gradual onset and worsening of … Continue reading

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