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Stopping benzodiazepines

Interesting post in February’s BJGP – a three-arm RCT looked at how to persuade patients on long-term BZDs to stop. The group looked at were adults (18 – 80 yrs) who had used BZDs daily for at least six months … Continue reading

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GPs asking patients to self-rate their health

This was the title of a qualitative study in the BJGP (2015; 65: 470 – 1 or DOI: 10.3399/bjgp15X686557) in which GPs asked patients with chronic problems (diabetes, pain, or unexplained symptoms) this question: How would you assess your general … Continue reading

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Ovestin vaginal cream does not increase circulating oestradiol, and thus can be considered for treatment of vaginal dryness in women who’ve had breast cancer. Evidence varies on whether systemic oestrogen increases recurrence risk (HABIT trial vs. Stockholm trial) but it’s … Continue reading

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BJGP June 2012

Interesting cited study, here, where researchers used the Good Palliative-Geriatric Practice Algorithm to reduce the numbers of drugs a group of elderly people were on, thus significantly improving their well-being as a result. Page 2 of the study has the … Continue reading

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Temporal arteritis

Bear in mind that approximately a quarter of patients present without headache. Just to make life even more complicated, they seem to be more likely to develop visual loss. Non-headache presenting symptoms include: Jaw claudication Visual loss (yup, it can … Continue reading

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Polymyalgia rheumatica

Quick summary of guidelines in this month’s BJGP, plus reference to the full version, which is in this article.  Not much that I didn’t already know, but current guidelines are for 3 weeks at 15 mg pred, 3 at 12.5, … Continue reading

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BJGP September 2011

Confusingly, mildly red eyes are more likely to need antibiotics than moderately or severely red ones in conjunctivitis.  A more useful finding of the same study was that purulent discharge was associated with a need for antibiotics. And there’s hope … Continue reading

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