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Diagnosing aura

When are migraine-associated visual symptoms an aura, and when are they not? Most of the time it doesn’t matter, but it becomes of vital importance when assessing a woman’s suitability for oestrogen-containing contraception. Fortunately, the JFPRHC has just published an … Continue reading

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Problematic bleeding in women on hormonal contraception

Things to look for include: Pregnancy STIs Cervical cancer Possibly polyps/fibroids/ovarian cysts – debatable whether these could cause irregular bleeding. History Duration of use of the hormonal method – irregular bleeding normal initially Compliance with the method if not LARC … Continue reading

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Management of irregular bleeding with Implanon/Nexplanon

This month’s JFPRHC had a short but useful article on the management of irregular bleeding with etonorgestrel implants. The authors sensibly pointed out that it’s wise to be fairly proactive in management – a ‘wait and see’ attitude can have … Continue reading

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Thrombosis risk with different COCs

A very useful review and meta-analysis in the BMJ has grouped COCs with regard to their relative risk of thromboembolism. Highest risk, unsurprisingly, is Ovran, which I can’t recall ever actually using. Of the ones in more common use, the … Continue reading

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Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care 2012: 38(1)

I knew Dianette wasn’t supposed to be prescribed too readily or for too long, but I hadn’t realised that this is actually a feature of the licence and not just a good practice point.  Dianette is only licenced for two … Continue reading

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Bleeding problems on Implanon

(This comes from D. Mansour et al, Contraception 2011: 83: 202 – 10, which I have as a handout from a recent course.) There is very little in the way of hard evidence as to what the batting order should … Continue reading

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JFPRHC 2011: 37(3) (July)

An article about legal aspects of management of contraceptive decisions in the learning disabled.  Important points: The key piece of legislation is the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which formalised existing case law and added new requirements. Presume competence unless demonstrated … Continue reading

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