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Ankle sprains – rehabilitation in a footballer

Useful guidelines in Arthritis Research UK (Summer 2012) – the idea is first to return the injured body part to full strength and function, then work through a graduated return-to-play strategy. Suggestions: Initially – Review re. need for X-ray as … Continue reading

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It’s now debatable whether we should give antibiotics for uncomplicated diverticulitis. While there isn’t sufficient evidence to say definitively that we shouldn’t, there are now a few trials showing that they don’t do anything, which certainly gives cause to question … Continue reading

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Most common causes of 2ry osteoporosis are coeliac disease and primary hyperparathyroidism; myeloma is also a cause. Therefore, investigations include FBC, PV, U&Es, coeliac screen, calcium profile, and immunuglobulins, possibly plus BJP. What the pick-up rate and cost-effectiveness of these … Continue reading

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HbA1c to diagnose diabetes

48 mmol/mol is the cut-off for diagnosis of diabetes but, as with fasting glucose, should be rechecked unless clear clinical symptoms exist. 42 – 47 equates to ‘high risk of diabetes’ – intensive lifestyle management, recheck annually. <42 – may … Continue reading

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Arm pain

Causes of anterior arm pain: Biceps tendonitis Biceps tendon rupture Pronator (teres) syndrome Radicular – C4 – 6 Biceps tendonitis What it is: Tendinopathy of long head of biceps. Often seen in association with rotator cuff syndrome or SLAP (superior … Continue reading

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Assessment of pain in dementia

There are now scales for assessing pain in patients too demented to communicate. They rely on observation of behaviour over at least 5 minutes. PAINAD (Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia) OPBAI (Observational Pain Behaviour Assessment Instrument) PADE (Pain Assessment in … Continue reading

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Carbon monoxide poisoning

Useful screening mnemonic from a letter in the BJGP (Aug 2012) – think COMA. Cohabitees – is anyone else in the building (including pets) affected? Out of the building – are your symptoms better when out of the building? Maintenance … Continue reading

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