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GPs asking patients to self-rate their health

This was the title of a qualitative study in the BJGP (2015; 65: 470 – 1 or DOI: 10.3399/bjgp15X686557) in which GPs asked patients with chronic problems (diabetes, pain, or unexplained symptoms) this question: How would you assess your general … Continue reading

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Compression bandaging for varicose veins?

The question: “Would compression bandaging be appropriate for X’s varicose veins?” My first thought was ‘No’, because I distantly remembered the latest NICE guidelines vetoing compression bandaging as an option for treatment. However, when I double-checked, this wasn’t exactly what … Continue reading

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Thrombophlebitis as a sign of DVT

I already knew (the hard way, having learned it as a result of a complaint some years back) that superficial thrombophlebitis can be a sign of DVT. However, I was surprised to read in this week’s BMJ the frequency with … Continue reading

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Walking programme for back pain

Prescriber cites an interesting study on the use of a walking programme for back pain: Pain 2015; 156(1): 131 – 47. In this RCT, the use of a walking programme, usual tailored physical therapy, and a weekly group exercise class, … Continue reading

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Glucocorticoid withdrawal

This comes from an old Prescriber issue I had knocking around; May 2013, vol 24(10). Authors are two consultant endocrinologists (Afroze Abbas and Robert Murray) and one specialist registrar (Amalia Iliopoulou), from the endocrinology department at Leeds. Dr Abbas also … Continue reading

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Why bisphosphonates may be overrated

There has been some talk lately about whether it is really worthwhile to have as low a threshold as we do for treating osteoporosis with bisphosphonates, and some researchers have now put a useful figure on this – a meta-analysis … Continue reading

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Are still difficult to treat, but there are some interesting (albeit unlicenced) options of which I hadn’t previously heard: Vitamin D analogues Topical retinoids 5-fluorouracil On the minus side, however, further studies into duct tape treatment have found it doesn’t … Continue reading

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