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Treatment of pregnancy-induced nausea

Today, I was prescribing for a pregnant woman with vomiting and thought it worth checking what the latest recommendations were. According to the RCOG guidelines, the two main classes of drugs recommended are: Antihistamines Phenothiazines (e.g. prochlorperazine) (If neither does … Continue reading

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Diagnosing aura

When are migraine-associated visual symptoms an aura, and when are they not? Most of the time it doesn’t matter, but it becomes of vital importance when assessing a woman’s suitability for oestrogen-containing contraception. Fortunately, the JFPRHC has just published an … Continue reading

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Usually self-limiting problem, with infection being the most common cause. History Timing, frequency, duration, fresh or old blood Risk factors for STI Symptoms of UTI Recent urological investigations/interventions Anything to suggest bleeding probs Travel history – TB and schistosomiasis can … Continue reading

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Anal itching

Not the nicest of topics, but, since it is one I often get asked about, I was glad to see a BMJ article on it. Thoughts: Most of the causes are things I’d have thought of (thrombosed piles, fungal infection, … Continue reading

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Influenza vaccination

Time to effect About 10 – 14 days. Note that if someone in a high-risk group comes into contact with flu after the vaccine but before it’s likely to have taken effect, then they may be eligible for oseltamivir/zanamivir (check … Continue reading

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Tight foreskin

Uncomplicated phimosis Treat with 4/52 of a moderate to strong steroid cream (e.g. 0.1% Betamethasone), applied to the foreskin but avoiding the glans, and review 1 – 2 weeks later. If symptoms are still troublesome, refer for consideration of circumcision. … Continue reading

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FSRH guidance – intrauterine contraception

Both the IUS & the Cu-IUD are thought to work primarily through prevention of fertilisation, but the IUS seems to have more of an anti-implantation effect as part of its effectiveness than the Cu-IUD does. Both are extremely effective, with … Continue reading

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