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Treatment of pregnancy-induced nausea

Today, I was prescribing for a pregnant woman with vomiting and thought it worth checking what the latest recommendations were. According to the RCOG guidelines, the two main classes of drugs recommended are: Antihistamines Phenothiazines (e.g. prochlorperazine) (If neither does … Continue reading

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Diagnosing aura

When are migraine-associated visual symptoms an aura, and when are they not? Most of the time it doesn’t matter, but it becomes of vital importance when assessing a woman’s suitability for oestrogen-containing contraception. Fortunately, the JFPRHC has just published an … Continue reading

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Usually self-limiting problem, with infection being the most common cause. History Timing, frequency, duration, fresh or old blood Risk factors for STI Symptoms of UTI Recent urological investigations/interventions Anything to suggest bleeding probs Travel history – TB and schistosomiasis can … Continue reading

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Anal itching

Not the nicest of topics, but, since it is one I often get asked about, I was glad to see a BMJ article on it. Thoughts: Most of the causes are things I’d have thought of (thrombosed piles, fungal infection, … Continue reading

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Influenza vaccination

Time to effect About 10 – 14 days. Note that if someone in a high-risk group comes into contact with flu after the vaccine but before it’s likely to have taken effect, then they may be eligible for oseltamivir/zanamivir (check … Continue reading

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Tight foreskin

Uncomplicated phimosis Treat with 4/52 of a moderate to strong steroid cream (e.g. 0.1% Betamethasone), applied to the foreskin but avoiding the glans, and review 1 – 2 weeks later. If symptoms are still troublesome, refer for consideration of circumcision. … Continue reading

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FSRH guidance – intrauterine contraception

Both the IUS & the Cu-IUD are thought to work primarily through prevention of fertilisation, but the IUS seems to have more of an anti-implantation effect as part of its effectiveness than the Cu-IUD does. Both are extremely effective, with … Continue reading

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Exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction

The cause of EILO is unclear, but it may be due to laryngeal hypersensitivity. It’s most common in athletic females under 20. Symptoms include shortness of breath, throat discomfort, chest tightness, and wheeze developing during intense exercise. EILO, for obvious … Continue reading

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Fit for Work scheme

Fit for Work is a new scheme aimed at getting people with health problems back into work, or keeping them in work. We had a flyer about it which I found buried in my inbox, so it seemed worth writing … Continue reading

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New evidence on hypertension targets in elderly

The ‘research update’ section in the BMJ alerted me to an interesting study in JAMA – the SPRINT study, comparing different hypertension targets in relatively healthy elderly people. Here’s the information I have from the abstract plus editorial: Population studied … Continue reading

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