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Orofacial pain

This often gets inaccurately attributed to rhinosinusitis; in fact, chronic rhinosinusitis does not cause orofacial pain (although acute episodes can do so). Consider the presence or absence of nasal symptoms (blockage/congestion, +/- nasal discharge) and of tenderness or swelling of … Continue reading

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Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Quick refresher in May’s BJGP: Interstitial lung disease, characterised by progressive scarring of the lungs Typically presents in 6th or 7th decade Presents with persistent progressive breathlessness, with or without cough Signs include finger clubbing and velcro crackles – not … Continue reading

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Carcinoma of the sinuses

Notes on sinonasal carcinoma, from the BJGP May 2018: Sinonasal malignancies are rare (1/100 000). Most common, or least uncommon if you prefer, in men in 5th – 7th decade of life. Interestingly, unlike all other head/neck malignancies, it does … Continue reading

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Secondary prevention after MI

Summary article in the BJGP (March 2018): Recommended medical prophylaxis post-MI For everyone (barring CI) Aspirin – lifelong. If intolerant, clopidogrel is the best substitute. DAPT (dual anti-platelet therapy) – temporarily after the MI, using clopidogrel or alternative alongside the … Continue reading

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Community-acquired pneumonia; a couple of points

So, I was reading an article on CRP in the March 2018 BJGP, and a couple of interesting things came up. The most important one is that I’m out of date on my CRP thresholds. I was still using the … Continue reading

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Paired serum and urine osmolality in hyponatraemia

Investigation of hyponatraemia holds no fears for me after the excellent Pulse Learning module I read on the subject a few years back, but I do have to confess to getting somewhat confused by the interpretation of paired serum and … Continue reading

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Red flags for urgent referral of hearing loss

This article in the BMJ was about NICE guidance on hearing loss generally, but had some useful bits on warning signs that should prompt immediate referral. Referrals should be to ENT unless stated otherwise. To be seen within 24 hrs … Continue reading

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