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Anticoagulation in people with a falls risk

I’ve been very wary of anticoagulating elderly frail people at risk of falls – it feels very antithetical to ‘First, do no harm’ – but it seems I might have been being overcautious. I looked this up as part of … Continue reading

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NNTs/ARRs for secondary prevention of cardiovascular events

The other day, I had one of those “Do I really need all these pills, Doctor?” questions that requires a grey-area conversation about risk reduction. Anyway, in medical terms the information needed is “What is the NNT for each of … Continue reading

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Had to see someone yesterday about a lowish phosphate level, and, since I know nothing about hypophosphatemia, it was learning time. I found a couple of useful articles for quick reference – this one in the BMJ and this one … Continue reading

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Does Vitamin D deficiency cause fatigue?

This question came up regarding a patient. The National Osteoporosis Guidelines on Vitamin D weren’t helpful, so I went onto PubMed. I found the following: This study found that vitamin D levels were negatively associated with fatigue in young Iranian … Continue reading

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Shingles infectivity

After having a case of shingles and two more suspected cases (which turned out not to be) at the care home where I work, I thought it might be useful to put together a protocol for staff. I posted this … Continue reading

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Compression bandaging for varicose veins?

The question: “Would compression bandaging be appropriate for X’s varicose veins?” My first thought was ‘No’, because I distantly remembered the latest NICE guidelines vetoing compression bandaging as an option for treatment. However, when I double-checked, this wasn’t exactly what … Continue reading

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