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Chondrodermatis nodularis helicis

I just checked some photos and confirmed my suspicions that this is what one of my patients has, so am making some notes on the advice: Main thing is to avoid pressure on the ear during sleep. Cutting a hole … Continue reading

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Useful points about Efudix

We’ve just been sent some information about Efudix use in general practice, and I wanted to write down the main points: If an area has multiple solar keratoses, the whole area (not just the individual keratoses) should be treated, as … Continue reading

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Are still difficult to treat, but there are some interesting (albeit unlicenced) options of which I hadn’t previously heard: Vitamin D analogues Topical retinoids 5-fluorouracil On the minus side, however, further studies into duct tape treatment have found it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Brimonidine gel

I don’t usually pay too much attention to the articles in Prescriber touting new drugs, but this one actually fills a gap in the market and is thus worth remembering – brimonidine gel (Mirvaso), which has been found to treat … Continue reading

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Flucloxacillin should be used rather than Pen V or ampicillin. An alternative to flucloxacillin or macrolides is clindamycin 300 mg qds (though note the risk of colitis). Differential diagnoses include varicose eczema, erythema nodosum, DVT, acute oedema, and something called … Continue reading

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Random skin lesion facts

I’ve just discovered the on-line version of Pulse, complete with their regular picture quizzes. This fills an increasingly glaring DEN for me – I used to get various free educational journals with a section for picture revision, and looking at … Continue reading

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I don’t usually pay attention to stuff from drug companies, but have just had a letter alerting me to the existence of Propantheline, a licenced treatment for hyperhidrosis which, unlike most of the stuff drug companies write to me about, … Continue reading

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