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Don’t use bath additives for children’s eczema

A simple and extremely useful study result; in children with eczema, don’t bother prescribing those additives that you put in the bath water. The BATHE study studied children from 1 to 11 with eczema (‘very mild’ eczema was excluded) who … Continue reading

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Itchy rashes

(from BMJ Learning module) Lichen planus Cause unknown, but does have an association with Hep C virus, so consider checking. The rash, like acute leg ischaemia, is described by 6 Ps: Planar (flat-topped) Polygonal Purple Pruritic Papules Plaques I knew … Continue reading

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Cutaneous horns

I’ve just spent a bit of time refreshing my memory on these, after seeing a lesion I wasn’t sure about. After looking at several photos I do believe the patient I saw does have a small cutaneous horn, and the … Continue reading

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Dermatology revision

For the record, just went through this slideshow on emedicine. No particular notes, but very good practice to actually look at examples of the rashes now and again.

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I’ve been going through old journals, and found this useful article on urticaria in Prescriber 19.2.15, by Ruth Sabroe. As well as typical acute urticaria in response to viruses, medication, and who-knows-what, there are a number of what are called … Continue reading

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Chondrodermatis nodularis helicis

I just checked some photos and confirmed my suspicions that this is what one of my patients has, so am making some notes on the advice: Main thing is to avoid pressure on the ear during sleep. Cutting a hole … Continue reading

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Useful points about Efudix

We’ve just been sent some information about Efudix use in general practice, and I wanted to write down the main points: If an area has multiple solar keratoses, the whole area (not just the individual keratoses) should be treated, as … Continue reading

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