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Signs of Kawasaki’s disease

Kawasaki’s disease is an arteritis (primarily affecting the coronary arteries). Signs: high fever for 5 or more days and: Polymorphous erythematous rash (can be urticarial, scarlatiniform or morbilliform and can contain small aseptic pustules) Cervical lymphadenopathy Bilateral conjunctival injection Changes … Continue reading

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Indications for referring children with eczema

Immediately Eczema herpeticum where child is systemically unwell   Within two weeks Severe eczema not responding to optimal therapy within a week Bacterially infected eczema not responding to treatment   (Quick Quiz BMJ module)

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Permethrin 5% cream is first-line treatment; aqueous malathion is 2nd-line. If the first course doesn’t work, try the other one. Everyone in the family needs to be treated simultaneously, and all clothing (including clothes which have been worn but are … Continue reading

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Common rashes in newborns

Harmless rashes in newborns: Erythema toxicum Cutis marmorata Cradle cap Erythema toxicum Pinpoint papules on an erythematous base, moving every few hours. It spares the palms and soles. Beware of: cellulitis. Look at the skin between the lesions. If it’s … Continue reading

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Don’t use bath additives for children’s eczema

A simple and extremely useful study result; in children with eczema, don’t bother prescribing those additives that you put in the bath water. The BATHE study studied children from 1 to 11 with eczema (‘very mild’ eczema was excluded) who … Continue reading

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Itchy rashes

(from BMJ Learning module) Lichen planus Cause unknown, but does have an association with Hep C virus, so consider checking. The rash, like acute leg ischaemia, is described by 6 Ps: Planar (flat-topped) Polygonal Purple Pruritic Papules Plaques I knew … Continue reading

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Cutaneous horns

I’ve just spent a bit of time refreshing my memory on these, after seeing a lesion I wasn’t sure about. After looking at several photos I do believe the patient I saw does have a small cutaneous horn, and the … Continue reading

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