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Temporal arteritis

Some notes: Not everyone gets headache. 4% of sufferers have a normal ESR. Biopsy can show false negatives. Constitutional symptoms (fever, sweats, weight loss/anorexia, fatigue) are common; but do consider other causes (infection, malignancy). Visual symptoms can affect part of … Continue reading

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Avascular necrosis of the femoral head

Pathogenesis of AVNFH isn’t known, but it occurs when the microcirculation of the femoral head is disrupted, leading to necrosis and eventual subchondral collapse of the femoral head (with consequent secondary arthritis). Incidence is around 1 in 50 000. It … Continue reading

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Red flags in low back pain

I noticed I have someone booked into an upcoming session to see me about back pain, so I decided it was time I checked the list of red flags for back pain to be sure I don’t miss anything. This … Continue reading

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Flexor sheath infections

AKA infected tenosynovitis. These are bad news; the flexor sheaths in the hand are a closed continuous system; if they get infected, the swelling can lead to necrosis, necrotising faciitis, and osteomyelitis. Common causes include animal bites, puncture wounds, IV … Continue reading

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Inherited cardiomyopathies

These can be pretty difficult to pick up; they’re often asymptomatic, examination is often normal, and many of the symptoms (exertional breathlessness, syncope, palpitations) can overlap with those of other illnesses. However, there are some red flags to be aware … Continue reading

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7-point weighted checklist (7PCL) Major features: Change in size Irregular shape Irregular colour Minor features: >7mm Oozing Inflammation Change in sensation 2 points for a major feature, 1 for a minor feature; 3 or more -> 2ww referral (unless obviously … Continue reading

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Raised intracranial pressure

(This was from an article in an old BMJ; I read it while doing some catching up.) Symptoms Headache: usually worsens over weeks, but sometimes over hours or days. Note that two-thirds of sufferers will not have the classic ‘worse … Continue reading

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