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Diabetes in pregnancy

Affects approximately 5% of pregnant women, of whom over 80% have gestational diabetes and the rest had pre-existing DM of either type. Screening NICE recommends screening the following high-risk groups: BMI >30 Previous baby 4.5 kg or over Previous gestational … Continue reading

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Diabetes presentation

Went to the practice clinical meeting, which was about diabetes this time and mainly focused on new diabetes drugs, as well as going over the NICE guidelines. The meds covered were incretin-based therapies (GLT-1 agonists and DPP-4 inhibitors) which I … Continue reading

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NICE guidance on diabetes – December 2015

Blood pressure management in diabetes If no history of hypertension or renal disease, check annually. If controlled hypertension, check every 4 – 6 months (that’ll be a nice bit of extra work for somebody. Pun not intended.) Remember lifestyle advice. … Continue reading

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Rational prescribing

From our CCG’s review of evidence (Rational Prescribing, Sept 2015): On current evidence (which admittedly is somewhat limited), there is no statistically significant benefit from treating Stage 1 hypertension (160/100 or less) Aiming for an HbA1c level of 7.0% vs. … Continue reading

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Self-testing in Type 2 diabetes

For those not on insulin, it’s not usually necessary. Exceptions include: For gliclazide users: Before driving in first three months of use Before driving long-term if a Type 2 vehicle licence holder Before driving long-term if hypoglycaemia unawareness (rare on … Continue reading

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Random facts about Type 2 diabetes

Aspirin is no longer recommended for primary prevention in Type 2 DM, as it’s now clear that risks outweigh benefits (SIGN 2010). When starting drugs for primary prevention of CV disease, the batting order should probably be 1. statins, 2. … Continue reading

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It’s now debatable whether we should give antibiotics for uncomplicated diverticulitis. While there isn’t sufficient evidence to say definitively that we shouldn’t, there are now a few trials showing that they don’t do anything, which certainly gives cause to question … Continue reading

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