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Subclinical hypothyroidism

A decent-sized meta-analysis of RCTs on the treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism (raised TSH with normal T4) has been done, and the conclusion is that treatment makes no difference to symptoms, compared to placebo. There are some caveats: Pregnant women weren’t … Continue reading

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Thyrotoxicosis – initial treatment

An article from the BMJ, with some useful tips on starting anti-thyroid drugs if necessary. Causes: Medication-related (see below) Thyroiditis (subacute, de Quervain’s, initial phase Hashimoto’s, postpartum) Grave’s Toxic multinodular goitre Solitary toxic adenoma Very rarely, functional thyroid carcinoma Medication-related … Continue reading

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Bits and bobs

Useful bunch of motley learning points from the 15th April BMJ: A double-blind trial reported in NEJM has looked at the effects of treating borderline thyroid results (raised TSH with normal T4) in the elderly. It didn’t show any benefit … Continue reading

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Things to know about thyroid tests

Patients with unrelated severe illness can have temporarily hypothyroid-looking tests; TFTs should therefore not be checked during acute illness. (This occurs due to a combination of inhibition of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis decreasing TSH secretion; decreased T4 -> T3 conversion; and … Continue reading

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Borderline TFTs

May represent early stages of thyroid disease. If the patient is asymptomatic, the first action should always be to repeat the tests to exclude lab error. Low TSH with normal T4/T3: Repeat within a fortnight. If stable, in a young … Continue reading

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Prescriber 21:21, 5th November 2010

Always lots in a Prescriber to report. I do believe the time may have come to use some subheadings: NSAIDs vs. Cox-2s This was a report on the CONDOR trial, which I was pleased to see was aimed at answering … Continue reading

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